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About Me

Hi there! My name is Kaejon Misuraca. I’m an award-winning designer, currently shaping the future of design at Looka. I specialize in brand identity design with a focus on creating simple and distinctive identities. I work with companies to create an identity with consistency and personality so they can dominate their industry.

Apart from being a designer, I own a company called Dangerous Clothing. Dangerous Clothing is a lifestyle streetwear clothing brand based out of Toronto, ON. This is my "side hustle". When I’m not working, I enjoy the outdoors, photography, traveling and staying active in sports such as soccer, hockey, biking, snowboarding and karate (if you haven’t hovered over my image yet, now would be a good time).

I'm always interested to hear about new projects so feel free to shoot me a message:



Adobe Top Talent 2019
ADAA Semifinalist 2017








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