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Design Process

Do you need a professional logo designer? Checkout the design process from Kaejon Misuraca to see the best way to ensure your logo & identity design targets the correct market, and achieves your business goals.

Design Process


1. Design brief

The design brief is an essential part of the design process. To design the perfect logo for your business that targets both the right market and audience, I need a keen understanding of your business and your goals. To do this at the start of the project, I will send you a design brief which has been designed strategically to find out as much information as possible about your business. The design brief will help me create a list of goals that need to be met by the design, once I have created the list I will send it to you to look over and agree on before moving forward. Once approved we move onto the next step.


2. Research/ Discovery

After collecting information from the design brief, I start researching and studying your company, its competition as well as the audience you aim to target. The research phase is for me to ensure that I know everything about your business, so I can design a logo that represents your business and its goals. The research phase is also an excellent opportunity for me to get inspiration or find examples that I can use during the ideas generation phase.


3. Idea Generation

Once I have researched and collected all the information I need about your business, I start sketching and generating ideas on paper. This process is a very organic and will vary from project to project. During this phase, I will explore all ideas that come to mind to the full depth before moving onto another concept.


4. Drafting Design Concepts

Once I have explored all of my ideas on paper, I choose the strongest concepts to recreate and further explore on my computer. I use a software called Adobe Illustrator, which is a vector based program that allows the artwork to be scalable to all sizes and never lose its quality. During this phase, I take a couple of days without looking at the project to consider new ideas and then return to the project with a fresh perspective. This time allows me to have a sharp mind and see things I might have missed or not yet explored. Throughout this phase I will refer back to the list of goals we agreed upon, to ensure the presented designs meet those goals.


5. Refinement 

In this phase, I choose the best concepts and start to refine. Refinement will include ensuring the following things;
- Does the logo work in b&w? Does it achieve the same goals as the coloured version?  
- Does it read? Can it be scaled down and still be legible at all sizes? 
- Is the message clear/legible? 
- Is the spacing optically correct?
- Are all the elements sized correctly and balanced with one another?
- Does it have a strong visual hierarchy?  
- Does the logo have good contrast between each element?
- Is the logo versatile? Is it able to adapt or be adapted to many different applications and platforms? 


6. Presentation

Once the designs are ready to present, I will create a PDF document with my top 3 designs, that will include your logo applied to relevant real-life examples to show you what each design would look like if you chose it for your business. Along with this, I will provide notes explaining the decisions I made. I ensure that the presented designs meet the list of goals we agreed upon, and I am confident that one of these designs will be great for your business. The final choice is always up to the client, but if they ask, I will give them my opinion on which design I think is the strongest for their business and why.


7. Revisions

After the client has chosen a concept, if they feel it can be improved or modified in any way to meet the objectives better, then I will start revising the design where necessary. This process is a very organic and the revision amount will vary from project to project.


8. Delivery/Support

Once the client is happy with the final design, I will prepare your files for both web and or print depending on the project and its needs, as well as any other files agreed upon during the design brief. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this process or need help with your files, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will always be here to help at any time after our work together. 



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