Brand Identity Designer | Kaejon Misuraca


Thrills is a Canadian brand of chewing gum from the 1980’s.

Thrills wanted to make a comeback to the market after being absent for many years. With the new slogan "same great taste, lasts longer than 30 seconds" it is to attract an older generation of people that remember thrills from their past years. As well as a target a younger generation of people that are attracted to its rebrand. 

This new 'stick' package design fits 10 pieces of gum and the gum only, no extra packaging. Packaging designs often have excess packaging that is not needed. Thrills wanted to keep it simple by only using what is needed.

Nutritional facts are boring so I developed a system that the consumer can easily see what's good and what's bad for their body. Having a small legend at the bottom;
A = good for you B = okay for you C = bad for you.

concept rebrand